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Components.  PC Components.  I think an explanation might be needed for those of you who don’t speak tech.

At PC User, we sell basically everything you need to um, use your PC.  Here’s a quick rundown of what this Components categories offers and what we here at PC User think are are adequate, if sometimes clumsy analogies for each sub category...

  • Computer memory, laptop memory, server memory, (the stuff that makes your PC think faster)
  • Motherboards, (the “house” foundation if you will)
  • Graphic Cards, (or PC Steroids?)
  • PC Cooling Modding (stuff to keep the car running?)
  • Computer Cases (The house exterior?)
  • Power Supplies (It makes your PC turn on)
  • Optical Drives (Fancy disc drives?)
  • Sound Cards (Singing lessons for your pc?)
  • USB Cards + Hubs (Garages for your PC?)
  • Processors (The nervous system?)


If you need any help, we are only an email away, just pop your question in an email and send it to and we will get back to you asap.

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